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Ineditos Exposition

La Casa Encendida

Madrid, Spain



Conjuntos Empáticos (Sálvora Feliz + Marta Benito + Noemí Díaz).


Conjuntos Empáticos (Sálvora Feliz + Marta Benito + Noemí Díaz).

Past-presents for an affective context is the exhibition that we curate from Conjuntos Empáticos for La Casa Encendida with Laura González and Cristina Pardo as collaborators.

​Through different interfaces, we expose our reflection on domesticity in times of pandemic, which interprets architecture as a social situation or as a mediator between cultural reality and the community. Once the pieces are exhibited, they have the potential to generate affective contexts or architectures that are intentionally appropriate to our emotional needs. In this sense, the exhibition circumstance highligh the interactions of their physical materialization, which leads us to talk about notions such as self-conception, recycling, techno-architecture, free occupation or the questioning of everything that it was and is being.

We also claim the need to eliminate the existing dissociation between theoretical approaches and the reality in which society lives, denying that this exhibition atmosphere is a utopia on the way to dystopia, but rather that we understand that it should become accepted in the pandemic context. for which it was created. Thus, we state that, although the artifacts that make up this atmosphere were generated in the past, they should, especially now, be more present than ever.

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