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Noemí Díaz Pérez


Noemí Díaz Pérez

​Invernáculo is a project born to test ArchViz tools, specifically Blender, through a utopian vision. A greenhouse is generated for fulfill basic functions of the stay where you can enjoy, rest, relax...

Greenhouse is located nowhere, it is the result of the imagination through a dreamy position where an island with platforms and surrounded by vegetation is wrapped in colored glass to become the main stage of the dream. The dream evokes an eternal summer night or sunset in which to live romances, share spaces with loved ones or simply enjoy our company as individuals while we reflect, rest or read a book.

All this becomes a greenhouse with its basic principles that contribute to regulate the comfort of its inhabitants through self-ventilation (windows in the upper part of the space allow ventilation), the evotranspiration of plants is a passive humidification so that it is not a dry environment and the glass that contributes to heating the space.

Materiality uses a chromatic range of complementary colors: blue/purple for the structure, metal, platforms, glass, textiles, chairs... while orange tones for the ceramics, part of the lawn, the partition wall, furniture...

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