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La Cineteca de Tetuán


Tetuán - Madrid, Spain



Noemí Díaz Pérez


Noemí Díaz Pérez

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La Cineteca de Tetuán seeks to break the borders between Chamberí and Tetuán by creating a connection through Cuatro Caminos to improve the qualitative and quantitative conditions of Tetuán District in Madrd. A building capable of attracting the user's attention is created, providing service to both districts and supporting other areas of Madrid.

Cinema must reinvent itself to be sustainable. There are already other buildings and institutions such as the National Film Library or Matadero Film Library in which this culture is transmitted and its conservation promoted; entities that serve as inspiration, both for their idea and for their public management. Cineteca promotes activities with strong support for thought, creation and critical and audiovisual training.

It understands cinephilia as different steps of knowledge, so not everyone needs the same thing to enjoy this culture and it is stratified at different levels: access, which plays with the square and the environment to invite visitors to come by; ​a non-cinema substratum with management through the offices; a first floor as an introduction to the world of cinema through a space of reinvention that is consolidated as a room where to be, drink and rest; the floor of the cinema itself for. On this floor it is forbidden to eat or drink to dedicate yourself exclusively to seeing and hearing; the third floor is adapted to the analysis and creates a large study room so that those interested can work on the films and top floor praises the discourse of cinema in a. bar that can serve as a catering restaurant where you can discuss film culture.

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