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Mars Colonization

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Noemí Díaz Pérez


Noemí Díaz Pérez

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Mars analysis results formed a Martian settlement for the coordinates 37º N 173º W. This location belongs to a region where water can be obtained as ice under the surface. Another parameter that have shaped the choice is the situation close to the landing area according to Space X finding results. In addition, this location places the construction on a slope between 6-7% for the east-west orientation and a valley practically flat for the north-south orientation.

The proposal create a starting point for extraterrestrial human colonization. Because the arrival of humans to other planets is inevitable as a consequence of economic, political and scientific interests, a partially buried architecture is proposed that regulates atmospheric conditions to participate in a less adverse climate. The use of vernacular materials is advocated, the reuse of metallic components of interplanetary transport and the use of a plastic that does not degrade over time... All of this contributes to defend a sustainable architecture within a virgin environment that will inevitably be conquered.

This proposal can house 24 people based on the optimal parameters used in Antarctica: 1,000 m2 for 50 people in winter within an atmosphere in which oxygen does not have to be supplied. The settlement consists of a pneumatic architecture dome that rests on the Martian surface and has an artificial chimney. All of this made up of a reflective plastic that allows the passage of light indirectly, preventing the sun and radiation. This dome is supported by a system under continuous pressure, something that can be done in space in a more or less affordable way due to the physical conditions of pressure, temperature and gravity. It is supported thanks to a system of braces that are anchored to the ground by means of a lost hole. Under this dome up to 4 sectorized modules are divided.

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