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Flöge & Mucha/

"Emilie Flöge & Alfons Mucha. Graphic arts, fashion and jewelry" is the title of my final degree project in Comprehensive Design and Image Management. This work focuses on the influence that the Graphic Arts have exerted on both Fashion and Jewelry, two of the central disciplines of the Art Nouveau movement. 

Art Nouveau, beyond formal approaches, broke away from the preferences of the past to give rise to a movement that managed to become part of integral design with its conception of the total work of art. It sought to adapt to the new times through the assimilation of industrial advances, aesthetic value and a character adapted to society.

The development of geometric and linear forms characteristic of later styles was based, in large part, on the outright rejection of Art Nouveau aesthetics. An aesthetic that covered all aspects of design. However, the heritage inherited from this era in the arts leaves us with the culture of the beauty of everyday life, of egalitarian design and the democratization of art.


The analysis is carried out through a careful use of graphic and editorial design that accompanies the aesthetics of the chronology in which the research work is framed. Thus, aesthetics generates an atmosphere that accompanies reading based on Arts & Crafts, Japonism and the stereotype of women from a more contemporary and minimalist point of view.

Classification_ Graphic Design

Location_ Madrid, Spain

Year _ 2020

Author: Noemi Diaz

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