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WHAT WOULD YOU PAY TO HAVE IN A RESERVED? What would you dream of having when you are partying? What is the purest of your desires if in the end it becomes a mirage?

Sweet Dreams is born from a series of ideas and questions that seek to create a monochromatic and unique space, especially photographable and changing with the lights that reflect on it (silver materials that vary with the lighting of the disco). And they fluctuate with the background sound.

The project proposes a living space where the sweetest and darkest desires that go through people minds while they are partying, they would like to have in front of them at some point. An interactive space is generated in which the user is part of the performative set; the spectator to create the art making use of his sweet dream at the time of using it.

The space is divided into a large bed surrounded by metal curtains, a chill-out area with a recycled sofa and numerous decorative elements that add detail. From mirrors that help to have different visions of the space, to that look that you would like to wear when you are at a party, going through those cushions where you can lie down to rest, those crosses on the floor where you can have views and key actions, even those soft slippers and warm that you only want to wear because you can't stand the shoes you're wearing anymore.

The play of light is part of the show to ensure an atmosphere of enjoyment where you can lie in bed getting a head massage...or whatever comes up.

*For sustainability, most of the materials that are proposed are reused from previous works or are tried to take advantage of so as not to misuse resources.

Classification_ Design, scenery, ephemeral architecture, art

Location_ Teatro Eslava, Madrid (Spain)

Year _ 2022

Event: ART & TECHNO - 11/13

Event curated by Sergio S. Paris

Author: Noemí Díaz

Pictures of Isidro Nieves Martinez

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