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Elementary Bistro  It was a small restaurant located in the heart of Madrid, Malasaña, near Plaza de la Luna. The restaurant closed in 2020 due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The gastronomy offered by the restaurant was a Franco-Spanish fusion due to the fact that its owner, Sergio Sánchez, had been living in Paris for a few years.


The restaurant has two rooms: the main one that gives direct access to the street and a more intimate room in the semi-basement that allowed it to be reserved for private celebrations. They both play with the same main elements and my root idea, however, they differed considerably. The main floor had a service for 16 people, a bar, space for crockery and service, and a kitchen. On the lower floor, there was also access to the private services of the restaurant and the toilets.

The main color of this neo-French/neo-Madrid style is white, this decision comes from the combination with the wooden furniture, the colors of the tiles  in a neutral style and earthy colors and, above all, to generate contrasts with the crockery and plates in such a way that the gastronomy fills the space with color. In this way, the neutral setting complemented and made its main protagonist shine: gastronomy. As if it were a movie... because the other fundamental line of the restaurant's creation was the seventh art.

The style of the restaurant reflects all this pre-pandemic atmosphere: inspired by the "bistro", Elemental has white moldings on its walls in the purest French style, mirrors that hung from them to give an appearance of spaciousness and allow you to observe every detail , hydraulic tiles of the same thickness combined to avoid changes in elevation and that allow playing with the use of spaces and circulations, tiles that were later used in the lower room for furniture, thus allowing unity and careful furniture that combined perfectly with the plants and decoration elements that we collected to create this special environment.

Classification_ Projects

Location_ Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 4 Malasaña, Madrid

Year _ 2017


Author: Noemi Diaz

Restaurant: Elemental Bistro


Responsible: Sergio Sánchez Pérez


Photography: Sergio Sanchez Perez


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