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Routes 001 and 002  of the Tours of the Industrial Heritage of Carabanchel are two books by Sálvora Feliz and Juan Tur are the first books in his collection that rescues industrial buildings from neighborhoods in the south of Madrid with architectural interest.


"The buildings that make up this route through the Industrial Heritage of Carabanchel are the architectural legacy that has endured over time in a neighborhood different from the one we know today. During the developmentalism of the decades of the 60s and 70s, they were built in this area called Polígono ISO, numerous warehouses and buildings dedicated to industrial activity.Today most of these uses have disappeared after their constructions were converted to absorb the growing demand for new residential buildings.



The different industrial buildings are presented in this tour as a catalog, an effort having been made to homogenize the scales of the documents and information provided on them. This has been possible due to the consultation of the original licenses in the different public archives, which have been contrasted with Google Earth and visits to each of the cases. This has made it possible to generate specific and unprecedented documentation of each building, such as its axonometric view, elevation, floor plan, location plan, façade texture, photography and analysis of current uses. Finally, data on the architect, the postal address or the development of its initial uses, complement this information. This makes it possible to compare them as urban elements and the influence they have had on their immediate surroundings".

Thus, the graphic design and the edition of the catalog reflect the industrial character of the buildings through composition and colours. As well as with the forms and graphic elements that are used as support.

​​ Some routes were organized through the Industrial Heritage of the ISO polygon of Carabanchel visiting studios and buildings on the weekend of June 11 and 12, 2021 for which we made some vinyls that were stuck on the buildings to be able to identify it. You can find more information  in the description of the project within the Empathic Groups website .

Classification_ Graphic Design

Location_ Carabanchel - Madrid, Spain

Year _ 2020

Authors: Empathic Groups (Sálvora Feliz) + Juan Tur.

Editing and graphic design: Noemí Díaz

Preparation of graphic documentation: Laura González Caballero, Beatriz López Herraiz, Juan Pablo Gómez Loaiza, Berta Ribaudí i Compte and Álvaro del Río.

Client: IED Innovation Lab + IED Madrid + Madrid City Council.

Photographs: Empathic Ensembles

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