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Madrid, Spain

20 de diciembre de 2019


Noemí Díaz Pérez


Noemí Díaz Pérez

In the last year of design, it is necessary to carry out the elaboration of three joint projects: Product Design, Graphic Communication Design and Image Management.

In 2020, a coliving space adapted to today had to be created. For this reason, NOMAD is created, a coworking+hotel that is hypothetically located inside the RIU hotel in Plaza España, Madrid. (*The advertising images on the road and public transport are treated, they are photographs taken by the author and modified in photoshop)

The space is intended for digital nomads because it is a way of life and philosophy that is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. From this idea, the three aspects of the brand are developed: graphic design with brand creation and development, image management with analysis of the target and objectives in which an advertising campaign is also created and the design of product linked to that image.

If you want to consult the website of the complete project, click :

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