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Knood N1

Furniture URJC

Fuenlabrada, Spain

21 de diciembre de 2018


Noemí Díaz + Irene Ferrer + Eva Martín


Noemí Díaz + Irene Ferrer + Eva Martín

The objective in the furniture design was to define a piece of furniture intended for rest and comfort. For this reason, textile elements were chosen to create a comfortable, warm and pleasant piece of furniture for the user.

The lateral structure carries the weight to the floor and the slats on which the seat is placed contribute to the stability of the chair.

In addition, a value proposition that was wanted to be added to the design of the chair is its removable capacity. For this reason, a system was devised so that the chair can be easily assembled and disassembled.
In this way, its transport is an advantage not only for the user, but also in the case of industrial production.

The chair is divided into several simple pieces that fit together and are held in place by a system of screws. In addition, the churro that creates the seat through knots is proposed as a cushion that can be removed from the chair to clean it, or even exchange it.

To improve its finish and increase its durability, all the wooden pieces of the furniture were bevelled to prevent breakage and impregnated with a mixture in a bain-marie of wax and oil in equal parts. This mixture allows a lighter finish on the wood than the varnish and increasing the durability of its maintenance.

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