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The definition is “the cloud that settles over the reservoir”, accompanied by the story of the Nuagers, cloud dwellers that settle in reservoirs or lakes when the spring equinox arrives. This idea is developed through a set of capsules that come together in a diaphanous way, creating spaces at different heights to give the appearance of a scattered cloud. 

It materializes with steel pillars, raised floors and pneumatic architecture. To access from one floor to another, elevators are used, which also have direct access to the reservoir water so that the user can use the swimming pools.

The bubbles that form the cloud follow the geometric principle that the water itself shows when creating a cavity with these qualities. Due to their chemical nature, interstitial tension and use of space, the tendency of bubbles is to create spherical shapes as long as there is no contact with other surfaces. If not, the bubbles adapt to those surfaces (planes). Once they come together, the bubbles do so using the least flat surface they have in common, regardless of size.

The photomontages show the inauguration party of the building, which takes place on the summer solstice and is the moment in which the "nuagers" join the humans to enjoy the water house.

Classification_ Projects

Location_ Las Berceas Reservoir, Cercecilla (Madrid)

Year _ 2018

Author: Noemi Diaz

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