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This project is worked from a conceptual and theoretical point of view.  The school of homo ludens arises with the idea of the book Homo Ludens by Johan Huizinga, in which it is explained that when it became clear that the designation of homo sapiens was not so appropriate for the human species since we do not think as much as it seemed, it was I had to seek new name contributions.

In this way, choosing homo ludens, the man who plays, as the fundamental pillar of society, a school is created that adapts to his needs. The form of teaching is completely changed, referring it to the game, with its pertinent restrictions.

In order to play "the school of homo ludens", it is necessary to create a brief definition of the elements that it must have. In this way, the collection of these objects, regardless of where they are located, can lead to the construction of different schools of homo ludens in today's culture. Thus, this school is seen as a support school for those already in existence to contribute to teaching people, not just children.

To consult the definition of the school, click here . On the other hand, if you want to better understand the elements that make up the entire school, access here.

Classification_ Projects

Location_ M50 - Madrid, Spain

Year _ 2019

Author: Noemi Diaz

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